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We are sincerely meeting market demands and requirements of Shot Blasting Machinery, Sand Blasting Machine, Airless Shot Blasting Machine, Airless Swing Table Shot Blasting Machine, Airless Tumblast Type Shot Blasting Machine, Hanger Shot Blasting Machine, Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machine, Blast Room System,

About Us

Aerowheel Surface Finishing is counted among the trusted name in the industry providing unmatchable range of Airless Shot Blasting Machine, Airless Swing Table Shot Blasting Machine, Airless Tumblast Type Shot Blasting Machine, Hanger Shot Blasting Machine, Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machine, Blast Room System, Paint Spray Booth and Ovens, and many more. Our branches are spread over various parts of the globe with a team of skilled experts who are working day and night together towards premium quality shot blasting machines.

Since 2015, we have been manufacturing a shot blasting machine in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India, that thrives to enhance productivity with compliance with industry standards of quality and competence to mark an unmatched presence globally. We have provided incomparable shot blasting equipment and surface preparation solutions to key markets players and customers worldwide. Furthermore, we offer complete support for the lifetime of your equipment, ensuring your machine runs at superior performance and safety levels for years.

Our Mission

Aerowheel Surface Finishing focuses on serving our clients the best quality and competence within the required time frame. Our organization has been working on manufacturing the intrigue and well-finished equipment for the clients.

Our vision

Our vision is to create unmatchable equipment in the industry at a global level. We are working towards our dream of becoming global players in the market with the envision of serving more industries and sectors at a global level without compromising on the quality of the products.

Company Policy

Aerowheel Surface Finishing is a promising organization that manufactures various shot blasting machines that are very known for their cost-effectiveness and high sustainability. We aim at providing excellent products with high resistance at different levels within a short period of time. 
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Our solutions for industries

Our company focuses on serving a wide array of industries at the global level with its uniqueness and high sustainability of a range of equipment. We are looking forward to expanding the horizon of our company by entering into the global market with industry set standards that help in global recognition.


Our organization focuses on various technological innovations, advancements and ideas, we encourage the introduction of a variety of latest products. With changing times and the latest trends, we keep and promote our machines to be compatible with the technologies.

Team Work

Our team of highly skilled and qualified professionals work to cater for the needs of the customers with company predefined goals and objectives. Our main objective is to deliver the best of our customers in a promised time frame, irrespective of the level of work we do in the company. Although, the team has been segregated into several high operations units to attain smoother and more effective management of the team goals and objectives.


At our premises, every day we work towards making things better. All our processes, products and innovations are driven by the desire to increase efficiency. This industry is changing with time very rapidly, and in order to match the corresponding changes, we ensure our machines are compatible enough to adapt to it.

Customer Service

Customer service is the key to attaining and establishing a relationship that stays beyond the sale of the machine. We as an organization deliver customized machines as per the requirements of the clients, we also offer additional spare parts and customer services as well. Our idea of providing additional spare parts is to enhance and increase the sustainability, life of the product and its efficiency. Our team consists of well-educated service engineers who aid in enhancing the productivity of the machine and maintaining its parts and functionality.